How to make a ChordPro file?

February 2, 2011

You can send files with the .TXT , .PRO , .CHO , .CHOPRO and .CHORDPRO extensions to your device. You can edit these files in the ChordPro file format, using any text editor like TextWrangler, Fraise, Notepad, etc.

The chordPro file format

ChordPro is a text format used to exchange music, well known by musicians worldwide, having its origins in the early days of the Internet. A chordPro file generally has one of the following extensions: pro, chopro, chordpro, cho, crd or txt. These files are used for the notation of the lyrics along with the chords. Use a search engine on the Internet to search large collections of chordPro formated songs.

In the chordPro format, the chords are written in brackets “[]”, and should precede the syllable of the word to which it applies. For example:

[C]Desde que [G]te conhe[F]ci

When processed, the result is:

C         G       F
Desde que te conheci

In addition to the lyrics and chords, you can also set directives (attributes or commands) written in brackets “{}”. The following directives are recognized by GuitarBook:

You can also enter comments that will not be shown when the music is processed by adding the symbol “#” at the beginning of the line. For example:

#this is a comment line.

ChordPro file example

{t:Até o Sol Sorriu Pra Mim}
{tags:acampamento, Gospel}

[Am6]Hoje eu acorde[Em6]i
[F7M9]e senti tudo diferente
[Am6]sei que já não per[Em6]tenço
a es[F7M9]te lugar
[Am6]As pegadas que [Em6] deixei
me mos[F7M9]travam essa ausência
tão presente
[Am6]que desa[Em6]pareceu quando
[F7M9]vi você chegar

e [Am]não dá [G]mais pra
o[F]lhar atrás
[Am]não dá [G]mais pra ser
[F]como antes

[C]Desde que [G]te conhe[F]ci
tudo mudou em mim
[C]desde que te [Dº]aceitei [F]
em minha vida sou feliz
[Am]quando você [G]segurou
a [F]minha mão
até o [Ab]sol so[Bb]rriu
pra [C]mim
até o [Ab]sol so[Bb]rriu

[Am6] | [Em6] | [F7M9] (2x)

#this song was kindly provided by
#audiovoltz to be part of this


{title:Another Song}
{subtitle:Another Artist}

This is[A]my song
I [G]like it very[C] much

And [D]this is the [C]chorus

#this line will not be printed

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